GMAT Issue Essay Template

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GMAT is an acronym for the Graduate Management Admission Test. It is the standardized and computer based applications and most of the study centers are located in the developed countries like the USA, UK and many more. In fact, it has the institutions more than 83 countries and offers more than 1500 courses. The exam consists of four sections. They are the Quantitative Section, analytical reasoning, verbal section and the last one is reasoning section. The essay template is included in the analytical reasoning and sometimes in the verbal section.

The GMAT essay template has been designed in order to test the analytical skills of a candidate who is appearing for the exam. In this section, an essay will be given to the candidate based on which he or she has to answer some questions. These questions should be answered on the basis of the content present in the given essay. The essay can be given on any topic. It is required that the student should read the GMAT essay template, in order to find the answers quickly. The marks obtained from the GMAT essay template would be considered as the benchmark response.

This section is referred as the most scoring section of GMAT. If prepared well, the students can easily achieve 85 to 90% of marks from the GMAT essays. There are various tips which can be followed so as to get the high scores from the GMAT essays. Since, it is included in the analytical section of the exam; hence, it is clear that it requires the self analysis and this should be the first step as well. As far as possible try to be confident because the lack of confidence can pull you back. There are times, when the student may be asked to write the complete essays only, instead of looking for the answers from the given essay.

Once, they are done with the GMAT essays then the E- rater which is computer program will be used in order to scan the essay based on which grading will be given to the students. The reason why a computer program is used in order to check the essays is because of the fact that it minimizes the human error and remains fair for each student.

It has been seen that there are many students who do not pay proper attention towards this section of the exam. This is ironic because it can help them to gain good scores. The GMAT essay format is very similar to the other ones. It should have an introduction, a body and then the conclusion. So, what is different in these essays and on which basis the marks are given? The difference lies in the content of an essay.

Although, the GMAT essay format is very similar to the other ones, but the content needs to be much better and productive. The facts which one has mentioned in the essays should be the true ones. If there is any debatable topic, then proper evidences should be given so as to support your point. All these things will be tested in the GMAT issue essay template and based on which the marks are given to the candidates. So, choose only that topic in which you think, there is a chance to gain scoring marks. Handle the GMAT issue essay template with utmost care and seriousness.