Essay Examples Compilation – Easy Way to Do Your Essay.

Copy -> Paste -> Edit. This is a motto for thousands of students. Let’s think of it – really, what can be easier? Not much efforts and an original essay as a result – what can be better? Oops, totally forgot about those plagiarism checking tools used by colleges and universities… No panic, this article will give you some tips and tricks how not to be caught by TurnItIn without doing much.

If you are an average student who likes parties and ignores all the nerdy guys in the classroom,copy paste then essay examples compilation is what you are looking for. First of all, find enough materials on the topic you have. Once found, you know what to do – Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V are your best helpers here. Now (sorry for that) you have to read the information you found. This is done for your essay to be logical and flow well. Your prof will easily suspect that you used copy-paste method if the paragraphs are not connected to one another and the essay looks like a collection of different thoughts.

Where to get the materials? The answer is simple – there are hundreds of the websites with numerous essay samples and examples, plus you can find thousands of topic-related articles on the internet. All you have to do is to make sure you find the information relevant to your topic.

So, you have read the relevant material. Now the editing part begins. Internet is a tool that makes students’ lives easier year by year. Did you know that there are the websites that edit the text for you? I mean it – you just paste the text there, and the service totally paraphrases it! Luckily, the English language is rich in synonyms. Important point – you must understand the material you have familiarized yourself with. If not – read again, no other option available. You cannot paraphrase effectively without knowing what you are talking about. You can also make notes while reading in order to capture the author’s idea. There are different ways of editing and paraphrasing:

  1. You can read an essay sample or article, then close the source and start writing the very same thing you just read, but in your own words (cannot paraphrase – cite it!).
  2. You can use one of the online paraphrasing tools (do not work really well, proven by personal experience).
  3. You can turn to a professional editing service for help. Note: some of them may not accept the plagiarized texts.
  4. You can buy a custom written essay (the easiest way out).

As you see, even the essay examples compilation is not that easy. However, it is still easier than writing from scratch, isn’t it? When you have your paraphrasing done, read what you came up with, check for grammar, spelling, stylistics and common sense. It is advised to give your essay to somebody else for them to read, as you are likely to miss your own mistakes.

If you know for sure that your instructor uses a plagiarism detection tool, why don’t you do the same? This will be the final thing to do before submission. Personally I would advise the paid services, as free plagiarism checkers might skip some parts, which can lead to dire consequences.

All in all, the end justifies the means. Smart students use the essay examples compilation method and get their degrees. So don’t lag behind and make the right choice!